Cadent - hydrogen fun day

This summer, our local Hydrogen Village engagement team has been out and about engaging with residents from Whitby and the surrounding area.

As well as continuing to speak to more than 1,000 people on the doorstep, we’ve held events in the local area, including a regular pop-up stall at Whitby’s Morrison’s supermarket, and information sessions with local merchants and appliance manufacturers.

Last week we attended a Community Fun Day in Whitby Park, where we hosted an engagement stall with interactive games and giveaways and spoke to residents about the Hydrogen Village programme, including the forthcoming opening of our Hydrogen Experience Centre.

Hosted by Healthbox CIC and local arts organisation Theatre Porto, the event was also a fantastic opportunity for the Hydrogen Village team to engage with other local organisations in attendance, such as Chester Zoo, Passion for Learning, Endorphins Group, Vivo Care Choices, Snow Angels Cheshire West Communities Together and TCV Cheshire.

All these events form a vital part of our engagement with the local community, and any feedback we receive will help to shape the Hydrogen Village programme.