Image showing Hydrogen Experience Centre buildings in situ

We’re incredibly excited that the buildings have arrived for our new Hydrogen Experience Centre. This structure is set to be established in Whitby, in the heart of Ellesmere Port, where we’ve proposed to set up the UK’s Hydrogen Village programme from 2025.

On the Hydrogen Experience Centre site, we’ll have a reception and office areas, where the public can meet our team and find out more about the hydrogen heating journey.

And there’ll also be a room displaying examples of the gas appliances and technologies that would be available in a world with hydrogen heating, including state-of-the-art hydrogen-ready boilers.

The centre will have some similarities to a Hydrogen Homes demonstration centre which opened in the North East of England last year. Those Hydrogen Homes, located in Gateshead, are two semi-detached show homes that were constructed by Cadent and partners, and display a variety of gas-fuelled appliances – from boilers, to fires and metres – all running on 100% hydrogen.

Similar to the hydrogen homes, the establishment of the Hydrogen Experience Centre – and the Hydrogen Village programme itself – is expected to help increase knowledge of the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from heating, and the part that hydrogen can play in this.

What’s next…

We’ll soon be announcing the timelines to get the Hydrogen Experience Centre open to the public. It’s not expected to be long (hopefully even by the end of this summer) giving plenty of time for the local community here in Whitby to find out more from our local hydrogen heating team.

At the same time, we’re also now starting to book in-home hydrogen assessments of local properties so we can gather all the information needed for a decision to be made on whether the full Hydrogen Village programme will indeed be coming to the area from 2025.

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Image showing crane lifting building into place