Cadent engineer speaks to 100th in-home assessment customer

The Whitby Hydrogen Village programme reached a major milestone recently, when our team of engineers from Cadent and British Gas visited the 100th property in the area to complete a free in-home hydrogen assessment.

This means:

  • 100 boilers in Whitby have now received a FREE service as part of the programme, ensuring these appliances are in good working order.
  • Over 40 gas fires and 40 gas cookers have been serviced to check they are safe and working as they should be.
  • Our engineers have supplied 100 free carbon monoxide alarms to the residents of Whitby.

The 100th assessment took place at the home of Robin Thornhill, who said:

“From what we’ve heard about this so far, this is a really exciting project to be part of. We’re looking forward to helping make it happen.”

Marc Clarke, Head of Hydrogen Consumer, Cadent, added:

“We’ve had a massive amount of interest from the local community since we announced our plan only a few months ago and that’s really encouraging for everyone involved.

“As we build the case for Whitby to be the UK first, we need to visit every property to get a clear picture of what the existing gas infrastructure looks like. We’ve just finished our 100th assessment, just a matter of weeks after starting.

“If you live in the Whitby area and haven’t yet booked your assessment, please either call us on 0800 035 3371 or email and we will make the arrangements to send our engineers out to you.

“This is free – and, while they are there, they will also carry out a thorough safety check of all your gas appliances, your boiler and other equipment.”

If you live in the proposed Hydrogen Village area within Whitby and haven’t yet booked your FREE in-home hydrogen assessment, you can do so by calling us on 0800 035 3371 or emailing