Trinity Methodist Church has been working in the heart of the community for ten years, promoting personal and social well-being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).  They have sought opportunities to encourage personal development in skills, education, service and new experiences.

The volunteering programme and daily café have been instrumental in this, providing open access to events and agencies.  The project is managed by a combination of paid staff and volunteers.  Their premises are centrally located alongside the main Ellesmere Port shopping area and the project operates throughout the week.

Trinity Methodist Church would like to use the funds to extend their provision.  They are planning to hold a weekly session specifically for games/crafts with staff support and the offer of simple refreshments (hot drink/toast) and newspapers/magazines.  There might also be an opportunity to put on sessions led by ‘professionals’ e.g., health care, well-being, financial advice.  This venture would provide a warm place for refuge, conversation, relaxation and friendship especially for the vulnerable of the area and there would be added opportunity for volunteer participation.